Develops New Results Program Titles 'BikeResults Officials.'

July 15, 2001--Williston, VT -, a leading company for providing value-based solutions for the cycling community, keeps charging ahead in their introduction to content management tools for the cycling community. At the beginning of July, changed the platform for their Content Management System, which adds exceptional scalability to the system.

Now, members can take an active part in assuring they have a voice in the design and maintenance of a significant part of the content: Results! The functionality of the BikeResults system has created many avid supporters, though some experienced frustration because their races might not have been submitted by the organizer, thus meaning that their hard-earned result would not be included in their Individual Competition Resume. offers a solution: The BikeResults Official Program. Global Reach Sports Chief Technology Officer Geoff Elder explains, "The Officials Program is exciting because it's a unique system which empowers race organizers and riders to be in control of their data. By adding results themselves they can be certain the results for their organization, state or region are included and accurate."

A significant difference between and other organizations when it comes to results centers about the dynamism of the Global Reach Sports Compute Center. Normally, results are posted in a flat format, as just a page on the web site, which can be satisfactory if you just want to know that one result. On the other side, is the SportsPower solution found with Global Reach Sports, offered free to all members.

All results are collected in a centralized location and then automatically aggregated into thousands of Individual Competition Resumes. This becomes useful when comparing individual results with past results and when comparing with other competitors. This reason has made the de facto location to post and get cycling results.

About operates with the primary purpose of bringing value to all members of the cycling community: from athletes to promoters to officials to fans, with a particular emphasis to grassroots development. The company is part of the portfolio of Global Reach Sports properties with the cycling community driving the direction with their content. They have created the largest collection of bike race results on the Internet and are the first cycling organization to create 1) Individual Competition Resumes for every competitor and 2) A Comprehensive, Cross-Discipline Ranking System that ranks the rider against other competitors from all over the world.

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