Global Reach Sports empowers National Governing Bodies with technology to reach, aggregate, engage and grow their grassroots sports communities. The tool developed to accomplish this is SportsPower.

SportsPower is an Internet-based array of tools that are designed to assist an NGB by increasing member, coach, club and event organizer loyalty and affinity, increasing staff efficiency and increasing the NGB’s assets for corporate sponsorship.

The SportsPower platform provides the foundation for a digital marketing strategy focused around each individual member’s or team’s performance statistics and standings. The end result is a system that empowers the NGB’s community to generate performance content that is of primary interest to members, coaches and families. People like to view content about themselves, their friends, their competitors and their heroes.

Fueled by the Human Ego, SportsPower provides the engine to grow and enhance an sport organization’s existing online community by increasing benefits to members, sponsors, coaches, clubs and event organizers. SportsPower is the technology that drives this digital marketing strategy.

With Global Reach Sports' ...

National Governing Bodies can

  • Provide series, state, regional and national rankings
  • Publish personalized competition résumés for every member
  • Identify promising athletes for development programs and high school/college, club recruiting
  • Create new sponsorship opportunities
  • Grow membership and increase membership satisfaction and loyalty
  • Empower your volunteer community to post and maintain event, team and individual statistics
  • Reduce workload for staff in both membership and data processing departments
  • Create new revenue streams such as event registration, classified ads, text messaging, etc.

Event Organizers can

  • Configure and post upcoming events along with event promotional materials to increase participation and revenue
  • Submit results and information for sanctioned events via SportsPower’s Online Results Management System
  • Increase satisfaction in events by ensuring that results are tabulated and posted for every participant
  • Provide online event registration for their participants
  • Access online registration reports
  • Sync online and offline registrations into one centralized repository
  • Post event press releases, photos and awards
  • Provide increased value for event sponsors on event-specific pages (event promotional page, event photo gallery, event results, event registration)
  • Access detailed web traffic reports regarding their event’s pages – a great tool for the organizer’s sponsorship servicing, renewals and sales

Members/Teams can

  • Compare themselves to any other athlete as well as to National or Olympic team members
  • Personalize their competition record
  • Use their competition record to be identified for development programs and college recruiting
  • Meet mentors and training partners of similar abilities
  • Track individual and team rankings which are updated daily
  • Post and maintain their team information web pages, photos, sponsors, and race records.
  • Maintain training logs, calendars, and other pertinent information.
  • Track friends and other athletes via Buddy Lists
  • Receive text messages (short messaging service, “SMS”) via cell phone when their results are posted or your rankings change.
  • Register and pay online for events in a secure and encrypted environment at their convenience.

Sponsors can

  • Benefit from exposure created by enabling the country’s most complete and accurate results and rankings system for the sport’s grass-roots community
  • Showcase and Promote products and services as integral components utilized by the community to interact with the NGB and it’s results and rankings system (e.g. cellular/wireless providers, hardware, software or Internet service providers, etc)

Designated Volunteers or NGB Field Staff can

  • Easily upload, delete, correct, resubmit and maintain event results using SportsPower’s back-office web interface from the comfort of their homes
  • Respond to athlete questions and requests via SportsPower’s web-based workflow system.
  • Approve result merges and requested modifications (this feature may only be available to NGB staff)
  • Process or deny member license change requests.
  • Gain recognition for their efforts!


For an athlete, SportsPower extends value even further via unique ways of tracking and utilizing personal information. Athletes can:

  • Search for events throughout the world and download information into a personalized calendar.
  • Register and pay online in a secure and encrypted environment at their convenience.
  • Personalize their automatically created Competition Record with photos, sponsors, and comments.
  • Create and maintain team pages with information such as sponsors, photos, and practice times.
  • Receive individual and team rankings, such as the one-of-a-kind, cross-discipline BikeResults Rankings and Nastar Rankings.
  • Maintain Training Logs, Calendars, and other pertinent information.
  • Submit results and information for any event via SportsPower Online Results Management Software and Tools.
  • Track friends and other athletes via Buddy Lists and contact other athletes via the Private Messaging System.

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