Global Reach Sports Enters Partnership To Create New

July 15, 2000--New York, NY and Williston, VT - Global Reach Sports, a leading provider of sports management solutions for online sports communities, proudly announces a new partnership. Global Reach Sports teamed up with Kaleidoscope Sports and Entertainment, Charles Schwab and Ski Magazine to launch an online sports community Charles Schwab's for the upcoming 2000-2001 ski season.

In a goal to revitalize the ailing program, this partnership will address functionality issues on how best to meet the needs of the Nastar community members. Global Reach Sports will provide the necessary technology to overcome the logistical problems of linking up the approximate 100 ski resorts nationwide. Timing and results management software all integrated into cutting edge Web technology will do well to making a seamless transition to the new vision.

A complete ranking system will be provided, thus enabling a wide range of comparisons and applications within the Nastar Community. Individual and Team rankings will form the basis of this comparison, which is based on the percentage that a competitor lags behind pace setters. Pace Setters in the Nastar program will often times be performed by US skiing luminaries such as Picabo Street and Tommy Moe.

David Ross, Co-founder and President of Global Reach Sports commented, "This partnership will vitalize the Nastar Program by leveraging technology to bring immense value to the athletes, resorts, sponsors, and fans. This fits perfectly with our vision of increasing sports participation and enjoyment through the grassroots level, coupled with the cutting edge technology to rocket this program to immediate growth.

About Global Reach Sports

Web site design and development, e-commerce solutions, content management, integrative software development, and participatory community tools and features comprise the Global Reach Sports platform with the particular mission of increasing participation and services across an entire sport, starting with grassroots development on up to professional and elite-level performance.

About Nastar

Nastar is the largest recreational grassroots ski race program in the world, giving competitors the chance to be timed, recorded, and ranked in a national system. Over 90 resorts in the U.S. and Canada participate in this far-reaching program.

About Charles Schwab

The Charles Schwab Corporation is one of the nation's largest financial services firms serving clients through offices, regional telephone service centers and automated telephonic and online channels.

About Kaleidoscope Sports and Entertainment

One of the newest additions to the Allied Communications Group of IPG, KSE is a vertically integrated sports, event and marketing services company whose long-range goal is to become the leading single-source company in the field, both domestically and internationally.