& IBM Provide Cutting Edge Technology for Mercury-Sea Otter Classic

March 27, 2001--Monterey, California -, a leading company for providing value-based solutions for the cycling community, successfully teamed up with IBM at the Mercury Sea Otter Classic, one of the largest and most successful cycling events in the world, to provide an experience never before seen in cycling.

The Sea Otter Classic attracted over 7,000 athletes and 45,000 spectators participating during the four day event occurring between March 22-25, 2001. These athletes and fans were treated to a rewarding experience: Event Results were posted in a timely manner and were available online at the trailer. Inside the trailer were 15 IBM Desktops hooked up to a blazing fast Internet connection for people to view the results of the day.

Normally, results can take hours to post and are posted in a crowded environment up on a board. Many people never really get to look at the results as they don't have the time to wait to see how they did. provided a solution to this by posting all the days' results up at the website. And IBM provided their computer technology and servers so everyone had the opportunity to access the online information during the event at the Laguna Seca RaceWay.

Rick Sutton, CEO of GaleForce Sports Marketing and director of this event, remarked, "The technology offered some great excitement and value to the racers and their supporters after some long hard days. This Cyber-Results Trailer was a great addition to the Mercury Sea Otter Classic."

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